DATAGERRY 1.3.0 is online!

Today we finished our work for DATAGERRY 1.3.0, a new feature release. A lot of new features like our new DocAPI, which generate PDF documents for CMDB objects, file attachments for CMDB objects, an updated category management and many many more are included. We also fixed a lot of bugs, that were reported by our community. Thank you so much for that and please continue so by opening topics in Report a Bug/Enhancement. The next feature release will be 1.4.0 at 13th Nov 2020.

See our detailed changelog below:


  • [NET-437] - Upgrade Angular from 8.0.3 to 8.2.x
  • [NET-445] - Redesign Object-View Sidebar
  • [NET-459] - Categories Sidebar-Filter


  • [NET-401] - Make categories in object type menu sortable
  • [NET-409] - Implementation of DocumentAPI
  • [NET-418] - Storing files on object level
  • [NET-444] - Exportd: New ExternalSystemGenericPullJson class
  • [NET-449] - Allow enable/disable objects in bulk changes


  • [NET-448] - Exportd UI: Condition dropdown in sources step not updated properly
  • [NET-469] - NGINX limit prevents the saving of large content
  • [NET-475] - Type list does not show type name
  • [NET-476] - Template data for Exportd and DocAPI were not generated correctly with references
  • [NET-479] - Remove "Add" and "Edit" buttons from framework: category
  • [NET-489] - Single special character in variable data (DocAPI)