DATAGERRY 1.1.0 is ready!

A few minutes ago, we released DATAGERRY 1.1.0., which includes lots of new features like a new search engine, LDAP authentication, Ansibile integration and many many more.

See a detailed list with all changes below. If you found bugs or have great ideas for a new function, please open a topic in Report a Bug/Enhancement. Our next feature release will be 1.2.0 at 29th May 2020.


  • [NET-266] - Extend setup with Nginx HTTP proxy
  • [NET-284] - Create a database schema updater
  • [NET-302] - Review fieldtype date
  • [NET-306] - Allow HTTP Basic Authentication for REST API
  • [NET-312] - Performance tuning Exportd


  • [NET-72] - Faker support in PyInstaller
  • [NET-226] - Edit type problem with Safari and Firefox
  • [NET-263] - Wrong Content-Type for flask response
  • [NET-288] - Visual dashboard bug in Safari
  • [NET-290] - csv object import with special characters in Docker environment does not work
  • [NET-301] - When adding a 'Connection' to the negative 'public_id' you will be logged out
  • [NET-308] - Pull from Exportd takes very long for dummy and csv
  • [NET-309] - Entries in Object Menu are ordered random
  • [NET-310] - JSON file importer only imports one object
  • [NET-313] - Handling of special characters in object type names
  • [NET-314] - Small design issue with object references
  • [NET-316] - WebUI adds prefix "unsafe:" for links with non-standard protocols
  • [NET-335] - Review nuts error messages
  • [NET-336] - JSON export of types creates an exception
  • [NET-346] - Authentication for REST API with LDAP user does not work
  • [NET-352] - Fix Exportd ExternalSystemDummy
  • [NET-371] - Database update 20200226 set some object types to "Uncategorized"


  • [NET-239] - LDAP authentication
  • [NET-240] - Migrate the yourCMDB ExternalSystemCpanelDns plugin
  • [NET-264] - Handle inactive objects correctly in all parts of DATAGERRY
  • [NET-265] - Redesign Search-Engine
  • [NET-270] - Frontend beautification
  • [NET-271] - Redesign Object Tables
  • [NET-272] - Migrate the yourCMDB ExternalSystemCsv exporter
  • [NET-274] - Migrate the yourCMDB ExternalSystemAnsible exporter
  • [NET-277] - Extend Exportd to get data via REST API
  • [NET-330] - Review Category Management
  • [NET-332] - First Steps Guide in WebUI on an empty setup
  • [NET-337] - Use public_id in external links of objects
  • [NET-350] - Exportd plugin for executing scripts
  • [NET-355] - Add documentation for Exportd classes
  • [NET-356] - Add documentation for handling active/inactive objects
  • [NET-361] - Generic Exportd plugin for Docker environments


  • [NET-354] - Create an update script for NET-302 (fieldtype date)