DATAGERRY 1.1.3 released

We just released DATAGERRY 1.1.3, a bugfix release, which includes fixes for bugs found by you. So I want to thank you for reporting all that issues and if you found more, please open a topic in Report a Bug/Enhancement. Our next feature release will be 1.2.0 at 29th May 2020. See a list with all fixed issues below:


  • [NET-393] - Broken link in referenced by tab on object view page
  • [NET-394] - framework.objects counter will not be updated under certain conditions
  • [NET-397] - CSV import allows other values than true/false for active state of an object
  • [NET-398] - Two object-refs to the same type within one object is not handled correctly


  • [NET-385] - Edit password fields in plaintext
  • [NET-395] - Disable the browser autocomplete function for object password fields