Launching DATAGERRY 1.2.0!

We finished DATAGERRY 1.2.0, our new feature release! It includes a bulk change function for objects, an improved sidebar, and many many small improvements and bugfixes. Thanks to our community for reporting all that feature requests and bugs and please continue so by opening topics under Report a Bug/Enhancement. Our next feature release will be 1.3.0 at 21st Aug 2020, for which we’ll have lots of plans. Have a look on our roadmap and stay connected on our community platform to find out more in the next weeks.

See our detailed changelog below:


  • [NET-374] - Sidebar: Category-Collapse- List
  • [NET-403] - Configure automatic security fixes for dependencies


  • [NET-388] - Visual bug in dropdown menus
  • [NET-391] - Object tables shows action icons for operations that are not permitted
  • [NET-392] - Object enable/disable switch is shown even if the user has not sufficient rights
  • [NET-396] - object edit log were not created
  • [NET-410] - Search for "/" will break the UI
  • [NET-414] - Date fields were not represented correctly in some frontend parts
  • [NET-416] - XLSX export fails if type contains special characters
  • [NET-417] - Quickfilter in object tables does not work for numeric input only
  • [NET-420] - Searching for long numbers will break the UI


  • [NET-275] - Bulk changes of objects
  • [NET-360] - Default values for object type fields of all datatypes
  • [NET-384] - Add copy button at the object-list
  • [NET-390] - Make subcategories in menu more visible
  • [NET-407] - The ExternalSystemCsv exportd class should honor the order of export variables
  • [NET-408] - Exportd UI: Make the order of export variables configurable by drag&drop
  • [NET-411] - Trim whitespaces in search terms