DATAGERRY 1.6.0 released

We are proud to announce the release of DATAGERRY 1.6.0 , with many new features.


NET-1025 Display error reference fields (Preview)

NET-1024 Type builder deletes wrong field

NET-1023 Skip pagination reset

NET-1021 Deactivated types are not displayed as Uncategorized in the sidebar

NET-1012 Display error reference fields

NET-1004 Wrong timestamp while updating objects via CSV import

NET-1001 Active badges in dashboard tables not centered

NET-988 Field is undefined in the object view after adding a new field in the type generator

NET-987 Nullpointer when displaying changes in the object log list

NET-981 Render throws error when downloading template pdf

NET-980 User management registered since shows object

NET-979 Right management wont display any data

NET-978 Empty subscription handling in user settings sync

NET-977 Remove text centering from search bar

NET-975 Remove strict mode (momentjs)

NET-973 Text and textarea fields are imported as text ‘true’ instead of ‘1’ during a JSON import of objects

NET-972 JSON export of objects incorrect: Not all entries are exported correctly

NET-971 Selecting different radio fields with the same values is not possible

NET-968 Type route iteration failed with empty parameters

NET-967 Typo error in systemd config

NET-966 Field key ‘Value’ is missing in copied objects

NET-958 Authentification failed: Cross-Origin Request Blocked

NET-943 Display error dropdown submenu for the exportd template helper

NET-927 Pagination in the search is not displayed

NET-496 “Invalid Date” in object logs

NET-291 Deactivated types can still be used for creating objects


NET-952 Referencing field sections


NET-1006 Creation, Modification time and last modifier on types

NET-986 Complete objects list

NET-974 Check exportd condition value with regex and limit obejct transfer

NET-957 Reference display of sections

NET-956 DocAPI support for reference section

NET-955 ExportD support for reference section

NET-954 Searchable reference section

NET-953 Reference section as type field

NET-923 Store user settings for all tables

NET-910 Structuring references in the object view

NET-909 Dynamic reference summary functionality

NET-902 Search results displayed length

NET-900 Load all objects in the dashboard tables

NET-896 Extend search engine for references

NET-895 Return to last search page

NET-894 Session timeout notification

NET-825 Implement deactivation of types

NET-422 Refactoring of date handling in frontend


NET-1011 Extend ExternalSystem with Event Output

NET-1009 Transfer only the objects that have been changed

NET-995 Restructure Backend

NET-993 Display matches

NET-992 Query: Merge reference fields into the object fields

NET-962 Using the global date settings for formatting date

NET-961 Create date settings component

NET-960 Create date settings service

NET-959 Cleanup date picker

NET-936 Store user settings for exportd logs

NET-934 Store user settings for object logs

NET-933 Store user settings for reference by (object view footer)

NET-928 Nested summary builder

NET-897 Frontend: Display of search results with references


NET-1026 Cleanup: Warnings browser console

NET-1022 Change from to

NET-1010 Update dependabot assignees

NET-996 Refactor reference sections

NET-947 Test environment

NET-795 Update bootstrap

NET-726 Review framework aggregation workflow

NET-351 Upgrade Angular