DATAGERRY 1.0.1 released

Today we released DATAGERRY 1.0.1. It contains some bugfixes especially for the CSV importer. Have a look below for a detailed list of all fixes.

If you find new bugs or have great ideas about new features, please let us know by opening a topic in the Report a Bug/Enhancement category and we will get back to you soon.


  • [NET-238] - CI workflow does not work with minus sign in branch names
  • [NET-252] - CSV import of objects does not allow other delimiters than comma
  • [NET-253] - File importer does not work with Windows clients
  • [NET-254] - Valid usernames can be checked without login
  • [NET-255] - Changes on selected items in object tables does not work
  • [NET-256] - Cache issues in Internet Explorer 11