Unique label for fields

Shouldnt we have a “unique” label for some fields? For instance if you label a field “department” you don´t want to have two departments with the same name.

Good morning Uwe,
Think about an Object type’s like asset (Router, Switch,…) and about responsibles and their different roles, like technical contact, delivery contact, on-site contact. If each Role is not mapped as references to a separate object type “person” then you will have for each asset type at least a department.
I suggest you can’t limit a field on the whole database.
But may it make sense per Object.
Kind regards

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Hello Joachim,

you are right. I think inside a type or object but not across the whole database there could be the “unique” label. Before we deside about this feature we surely have to think twice.

regards, Uwe

Thanks for your enhancement request, @uwe ! I opened an issue in our backlog for that:

  • [NET-334] Ensure the content of a field is unique

I think it’s a very good idea for an asset, if only if you don’t want any double assets in one type of facility. You can think of a check box in which you can declare only one field from the fields created in this type from the drop-down list and select it by its name.
Sometimes it can be e.g. the MAC or SN address of the device, and sometimes the company has its ideas for unique data, which recognizes the devices and cannot be duplicated, so if what I wrote would be convenient.