Missed use-case for import objects included referenced fields

Hello everyone,

Maybe you can help me with the following problem. I have the assumption that my problem is a use case for DataGerry that has not been taken into account.

Referenced fields have a unique numeric id that cannot be influenced. However, it would be very important that when you create a referenced field, you can also choose on which field the unique id should be. If one could determine on which field the unique ID of the referenced field is located, then it would be possible to map the referenced fields during an import without having to know the “random” IDs in advance.

Example scenario:

  • In DataGerry I have a type “Services” with a text field called “service_identifier”.
  • In DataGerry I have a type “VMs” with a referenced field called “service”.
  • Now I want to start an object import for the type “VMs” (whether CSV or json).
    A line in a sample CSV could look like this: My VM name;mysql;some notes;.
    the value mysql is to be written into the referenced field “service” for the type “VMs”.
    If “service” would now reference the field “service_identifier”, because I could set it, then
    the import would work. Then the field “service” would not contain a random number, but “mysql”.
    The field then knows: Hey, I have the unique id “mysql”, i.e. I belong to the type “Services” and the id is then e.g. 123456.

I hope you understand what I mean.

Notice, I stumble over this in a few places when using DataGerry so I would really like to see this fixed or implemented.

I am looking forward to your feedback.

Kind regards