Thinking of a 'n-Field'


I think this might not sound very new :wink: … but:

up until now the structure of an object is quite static.
Have you mentioned to implement a method to change the amount of Fields on a per object base?
Something like a “n-field” that can occur 1 to n times within an object to allow multiple values for a field along different objects of the same type.

n Phone-Numbers that are associated with an SIP account
n IP-Addresses that are associated to a Router
n VLANs that are associated to a Switch
n AV-Pairs in a Radius account

Déjà Vu: :wink:


Any update on this topic?

I also need the functionality where you can reference to multiple objects.


I had the same issue and the only way to go around it was to do the reverse.

E.g. create a router type where routers are defined.
Then create a vlan type where VLANs are defined and attached to routers.

This offers a more streamlined approach since you have “tables” of information aggregated.

What is an issue for me, is that there are no “restrictions” for objects linked which affects this approach since a deletion will leave orphan entries behind.