Object type generator does not honor field names

Hi DataGerry team,

a few days ago I started with a fresh DataGerry 2.1.0 setup to work on a proof of concept to fully automate the setup process of our Windows and Linux servers with Ansible. The idea is, to manage all the parameters of a server in DataGerry (like hostname, IP, cpu cores, memory, disk space) and let Ansible create a virtual maschine and start the Linux/Windows setup process. When the setup is done, Ansible will set a flag on the DataGerry object (currently a select field), that the new maschine is productive and can be monitored by our monitoring system.

For this use case I created a new object type in DataGerry with the type generator UI and added sections and fields. The identifier I used for a field in the UI, was not honored when saving the type. Instead a automatic generated field name was used. Please have a look at the following screenshot:

I added a new field with the identifier “hostname”, but the field name will saved as “text-b302d823-99db-42c2-94a6-3b78beb15850” as you can see when hitting the diagnostics button.

That will make it hard to deal with the different fields when creating export jobs or updating field with the Rest API.

Can you please have a look?

Best regards

Hi @michael ,
we will take a look at it and let you know here about the updates.

BR Adnan

Hi @michael,
the issue was identified and the fix for this will be part of the next release. Thanks for you input on this Bug.

BR Adnan

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Hi @adnan.smajic

wow, that was fast! Thank you very much for fixing that issue.

Best regards