Wholesale object cloning/creating

Maybe in some time you could think about wholesale object cloning.
Sometimes that function could be useful
Or wholesale object creation. Sometimes
You need in one object type createas many object which have many the same parameters and only 1/2/3…etc difference. Then could be 2 options:
when You create/cloning you could change/ create for each one separately that’s parameter and the same for every one
cloning/creating fields where all the common features are, and next move in which You could change from edit one object this field which You want.

Hi @marcinw ,

Since I’m not quite sure yet if I understand the function correctly a short usecase:

You have an object type with ~10 fields and you need to create 5 objects which share multiple field contents.Then you can create an object with these values and by a setting say “create me this object x 5 times”.

Did I understand this correctly?
The same applies to cloning objects, of course.

Hi @anon3483405
First, thanks for fast respond :slight_smile:
i will try explain for examples usecases what i mind in topic. I have many objects in one object type " testowy" which has fields:
Task to do
Flagship company
Backup company
Start Date
End Date

In first case i want from one of them clone and create 3-10 new objects

I would like all fields to be cloned and inserted into new objects except Start Date and End Date because these fields i want during cloning set new value

in second case i want clone few objects in one step. I want to mark from list of objects few objects and similar like (bulk change) (bulk clone) and during clone everything except fields Start Date and End Date, which i want set new value.

in third case cloning few objects like in second case but no changes

in fourth case i want wholesale create objects example 4 or more which has many value in fields the same but some from them no

Sorry for me is a little difficult to explain every case which i want and what i mean :slight_smile:
I hope now You a little understand my usecases

Ah ok, I understand what you mean.

We don’t have such a function implemented at the moment, but you could do a workaround by exporting the objects to, for example, JSON, deleting the fields you don’t want to take over and then importing them again as new objects.

In the upcoming version 1.5.0 we have implemented a function which allows the selected export from the object table. This would eliminate the necessity of deleting the unused fields.

But I can add your requested function to our backlog. In the first concept this does not seem to be very complex. I’ll see if we can maybe include this one in one of the next sprints.

iI would be good if you could use these ideas in the app.
It is always better to work with the application string than to perform exports, dry correct data in csv / json and, for example, complete reference fields in csv which are only numbers. In the application it is much easier because you can see information about the object we are looking for.

Hi @marcinw,
I have added the feature request to our backlog.
[NET-870] Multiple creation and cloning of objects

Thank You @anon3483405.
This is good news