Field type Reference

Recently, I need to use the reference field in the object more and more often to enter already created objects. I have problems because I have to multiply their number to assign more objects.
And now I have a question, is there a chance @mbatz you would create a reference field in which I can choose several objects to assign?
example for my case:
I created object type “People” and object type “Type of work”
and i need in object in type “Type of work” should have field “name” (text field) and “who is working” (reference field).
When one people delegate for works is very good (1:1)
Ofteen i need delegate more then one people to work and then i need in this field (reference field) more then one people choose ( 1: for many)
Ofcourse i could create in this object duplicate “who is working” (reference field) but this is not what I expect and I think it is just a workaround
the selection method could be similar to here

when you choose headers which you want to see
This is related whit this subject: References - future ideas
I hope you understand what i meen :wink:

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What do you think @mbatz? Is it possible?

Hi @marcinw

as far as I can see, your idea is related to this topic? So instead of storing a single value for a field (which may also have another type than object-ref), a list of values should be stored. Would that help?

this is a different topic.

my example is that:
i have first type “users” which have fields:
“name”, “surname”
i have 10 employes:

Public id    name         surname
1.               Martin        Joy
2.               Rob           Luter
3.               Oliver        Smith
4.               Harry        Jones
5.               Noah        Williams
6.              Jack          Taylor
7.              Leo            Evans
8.              Oscar         Wilson
9.              Eva            Brown
10.            Amelia       Davies

and i have second type “task to do” which have field:
“name of task”, “who does the job”, “start date”, “end date”

“Name of task” is a field text ,
field “who does the job” is a referencje field to first type “users” ,
“start date” and “end date” are date fields

and i need create some task
“Cleaning in Munich”
and I have to appoint two employees with Public ID 2,3,8,9 for this job of the type “users” and I should enter them in the “who does the job” field, but I can’t.

Public id,            Name of task                who does the job                                                                  start date             end date
11.                   Cleaning in Munich,         id 2 (Rob, Luter) id 3 (Oliver, Smith) id 8 (Oscar Wilson) id 9 (Eva Brown)       2020-05-20             2020-05-22

Can you fix / extend the functionality of the reference field so that I can select more than one object in this field?
1 reference field to n objects

This is what i need


thanks for clarification. I’ll think about that topic and discuss that in our team. Storing of multiple entries for an object reference is not a big deal, but there are some situations in the software we need to handle. For example handling such fields in Exportd jobs or in our new DocAPI.

It’s a pleasure for me if it’s conducive to software development and meeting the expectations of the recipient.

@mbatz Do You have some new information about this topic?

Hi @mbatz,
Do You know that will be developed this function or not?

Are you planning to implement this solution in datagerry?

Hi @marcinw,

yes, there is a plan to implement this functionality. At the moment, this topic does not have the highest priority at the moment, so it may take some time.

Has some time passed and will this functionality be created? :slight_smile:

Has some time passed :slight_smile:
Could you please tell me if you will introduce functionality to select several objects in one reference field?