It's time for DATAGERRY 1.4!

We proudly present our new feature release DATAGERRY 1.4! Let me introduce the highlights:

Extending Object References
In the past, reference fields in objects could be set to objects of a single type. For example a router has a reference to a location object. Only one type could be set as target of a reference (in this example “location”). With 1.4 multiple types can be set as targets for a reference field. For example, if you have an “internet service” object, that stores information about an internet service and defines a link to a router or firewall (which is used as endpoint for the connection), you now can define a reference field “endpoint” which stores a reference to a router OR firewall object. Also, all references to a single object can now be exported.

Storing settings in Object Tables
We did a lot of work on our Object List Tables. Settings like the shown columns or the number of rows are now saved automatically per user and table. If you leave the page and return back, the last shown settings are loaded automatically. Multiple table configurations can also be saved and loaded. As many of you asked for it, we added the possibility to show also 200 and 500 rows. A small gimmick is the new preview of objects within the table. It is also now possible to open objects from the table in a new tab.

New Media Library
With 1.3 we introduced file attachments for objects. New in 1.4 is our new Media Library, a file manager, where all the attachments can be managed. Also, if you add new attachments to an object, they can be choosen from the Media Library.

Extending the Search
The search results in the global search can also now be filtered by object types. Also a regex search over all objects is now possible. To be honest, we changed the default behavior here. In version 1.3 and below a search always was a regex search, which caused some trouble with special characters in the search term. The search now is a text search by default with the option to search for regular expressions. A new functionality is the resolving of object references. If this functionality is enabled, additional objects that have a reference to the found objects will be shown.

Exportd MariaDB plugin
With our new MariaDB/MySQL Plugin for Exportd it is possible to sync informations from DATAGERRY objects to a MySQL/MariaDB database table. We built this functionality for a use case, to provide SIP accounts in an Asterisk PBX server from DATAGERRY, but that could be something like a swiss army knife for integrating applications in Exportd. We also added the template helper button in Exportd you may know from the DocAPI to make the configuration a bit simpler.

Migrating to a new REST API
We are on the one way to migrate our system to a new (and documented REST API). In this version, we migrated types, categories and the user management. You can find the documentation in our API Guide . The migration will go on with the next releases.

As always, it is time to say thank you for all of your suggestions, bug reports and ideas to improve DATAGERRY. We started our work for our next feature release 1.5, which will be published at 5th Feb 2021.

Below, you can find our detailed changelog for 1.4:


  • [NET-373] - Concept of a more stable REST API
  • [NET-468] - Object counter in category sidebar
  • [NET-512] - Refactor type module
  • [NET-521] - Update fontawesome Icons
  • [NET-523] - Change global Object state
  • [NET-526] - Toast Module
  • [NET-532] - Refactor user-management api
  • [NET-559] - Cleanup python packages
  • [NET-648] - Refactor object type list
  • [NET-663] - implement storing table settings in new table module
  • [NET-671] - Implement reset button in new table module
  • [NET-676] - Re-enable tables on dashboard
  • [NET-699] - Temporary limit object table input to 100 elements


  • [NET-364] - Generic MariaDB plugin for Exportd
  • [NET-377] - Field references with selection of multiple types
  • [NET-412] - Store user settings for object tables
  • [NET-428] - Media Library
  • [NET-443] - Add template helper button to Exportd UI
  • [NET-447] - Add quickinfo box for some functions in UI
  • [NET-460] - Search: Add new option to follow object references
  • [NET-461] - Preview for object references on object view page
  • [NET-463] - Group search results by object type
  • [NET-465] - Preview of objects in object table
  • [NET-477] - Export objects in referenced by tab
  • [NET-580] - Object tables: add possibility to open objects in a new tab
  • [NET-593] - Add tooltips in the new object menu bar
  • [NET-594] - User feedback form
  • [NET-631] - Search option for active/inactive objects
  • [NET-651] - Make regex in search optional


  • [NET-311] - Object import of inactive objects from json file
  • [NET-480] - Sidebar in login screen
  • [NET-503] - Identifier fields disappear
  • [NET-507] - Close Modals on leaving component
  • [NET-524] - Backend: unknown operator: $and
  • [NET-547] - Performance Issues in object lists and on object edit page
  • [NET-548] - Object type menu resets after choosing a type
  • [NET-550] - Gunicorn runtime warning for line buffering for Python Version > 3.7
  • [NET-552] - docker-compose.yml: Restart flag for db and broker not set
  • [NET-553] - Flask-Caching not usable
  • [NET-557] - Frontend breaks while copying objects
  • [NET-558] - 'Reference by' - Tab not display reference-objects
  • [NET-565] - Inconsistency in manager usage
  • [NET-569] - No save button in user profile
  • [NET-570] - Exception on /object/reference/<id>
  • [NET-571] - Issues with type tables
  • [NET-573] - CSV Importer broken in development
  • [NET-576] - CSV importer: automatic field mapping broken
  • [NET-579] - Password field in LDAP configuration should be hidden
  • [NET-581] - Left navigation bar empty after some logins
  • [NET-591] - Endless loop in Template Helper Service
  • [NET-595] - Reference fields are not handled correctly at some places
  • [NET-597] - Infobox Icon overlaps the sidebar
  • [NET-608] - Group required fields
  • [NET-610] - Reload database config
  • [NET-612] - No Authentication Provider possible
  • [NET-615] - Edit category (types)
  • [NET-619] - Type list: Export types as JSON (all)
  • [NET-620] - Create type: reference field
  • [NET-621] - Empty type list with basic user rights
  • [NET-623] - Clean-up button not functional
  • [NET-624] - Bulk changes can not be applied
  • [NET-625] - TemplateHelperService breaks when a type has a ref field with 2 or more references
  • [NET-626] - Exportd /DocAPI UI breaks when numbers are entered in the label
  • [NET-628] - Import type
  • [NET-629] - Toast Module expands over the entire upper window if text is too long
  • [NET-630] - Debug output on every click in the UI
  • [NET-632] - Type Generator Reference Bug
  • [NET-633] - Problems when logging out from an object type list
  • [NET-637] - Attachment actualisation
  • [NET-641] - No User on initialize clean database
  • [NET-644] - New categories have assigned types
  • [NET-645] - Category List at type generator
  • [NET-646] - Searchbar loses search terms
  • [NET-647] - Search in type list does not work
  • [NET-657] - JSON import of objects creates an Exception
  • [NET-659] - Export of chosen objects in object tables does not work
  • [NET-660] - File Importer does not create logs, when creating new objects
  • [NET-661] - Reset category fields
  • [NET-668] - User Count drops to 0
  • [NET-672] - Problems when logging out from the object view page
  • [NET-673] - 403 error when logging in with read-only rights
  • [NET-675] - Debug messages in new table module
  • [NET-677] - automatic field mapping in csv importer does not work
  • [NET-678] - Connection breaks when no access user is set an reload
  • [NET-679] - Removing a user image is not possible
  • [NET-700] - Password conflict on change


  • [NET-440] - Writing the REST guidelines
  • [NET-441] - Reference implementation of the REST guideline using category management