Section Reference in list of objects

I created section reference in type like see below:

next i filled for example object:
but from list i see like that:
the column has no name that i named it (Admin)
I think it should be like that column name Admin (section) - field (Imię i Nazwisko) like i see in object view
and see only value not id
if choose more filed in section reference example (Imię i Nazwisko) (Telephon) (e-mail) from list i should see like a separate items:
Admin - Imię i Nazwisko
Admin - Telephon
Admin - e-mail
and when i choose i should see only value in object view in list of objects and everywhere where i use it

i see only number and type but it is only needed which i choose in this place (image ):

Please fix it

please see how it looks from the level of bulk change:
this is not good


Thank you for the information.
The behaviour is already known and is being worked on.

With kind regards

in version 1.6.3 is still the same and header is “Reference”