ID's instead of Name listed in Dropdown of a Reference section

Hi, I did found Datagerry as I was looking for a simple CMDB with REST API’s. Therefore I did start Datagerry in a Docker environment and do some tests, for one I know have a question.

When creating an object with e reference section, just the ID’s were listed in de dropdown instead of the name. Any hint how I can correct this, that a readble text is displayed?

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Hello Oliver,

when editing the ‘Operating System’ type, you can adjust the summary values under the ‘Meta’ tab. However, if no value is entered for the summary field in the object of the ‘Operating System’ type, it will not be displayed.
These summary values are displayed when objects of this type are referenced by other objects.

See figure: meta.png

Furthermore, you can also display summary values for references under the ‘Basic’ tab. These summary values are displayed when you reference the object.

See figure: basic.png

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Thanks Sergej,
that works as expected!