Display problem when referring to an empty field in the summary

Hello everybody,

I noticed the following when maintaining objects in DataGerry:


  • I have defined two types with a summary. The summary contains several fields.
  • In one of these types, a reference field is stored that refers to the other type.
  • Then I try to create or edit an object (also applies to bulk change) by setting a reference field and saving it.
  • The object was saved, but the reference field is displayed empty in the overview and in Object View, Object Edit.
  • If I now change the type of the summary so that it refers to a filled value, then I get the previously saved value for the reference field displayed in the Object View or Object Edit.

This behaviour suggests that there is a display problem when referring to an empty field in the summary. This could potentially lead to data loss if one relies on the display and saves the object again.

I recommend fixing this error promptly.

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Hello @Jennifer,

was planned for the 1.6 release.

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Thank you, that sounds great :slight_smile: