Tab "Referenced by" in object

In new version still don’t see in Summary about object reference field shown with text (example first field or summary) but only Public ID

#14 #15 #216 are a objects

I think it should exist from this place possibility to edit objects, bulk change and preview, maybe also clone

Please bring “Search” back to this section - write about it in Object name disappeared from assignment - Important - #11 by marcinw

Menu “Show Tabs” should work also for tab “All References” and if i limit some type, objects from that type should also disappear in this tab “All References”

Point 1
Still not work in version 1.6.3 and don’t show value but only object id.
We want it to show the value we have chosen in place

Could you please fix this?

Point 2.
I think it is important functions in this place and these features should to appear here

Point 3.
Search is appeared and it’s great

Point 4.
Stil not work

please take care of these issues