Please omit Confirmation and Getting Started info boxes

could you please omit the confirmation info box which for several seconds blocks the selection of the buttons in the upper right corner? Think it’s ok for errors, but: no news is good news :slight_smile:
In addition, please prevent the “Getting started” box from popping up every time when selecting lists like the type list and the exportd job list for example. Or did i miss the option to do so?
Thanks for your work!
Kind regards, Michael

Hi @MiB ,
thanks for your input. We regard is as important to display feedback on an action but you also got a point.

I will add the points you mentioned to our backlog to reevaluate it.

BR Adnan

Hi @MiB ,
as part of the next update the “Getting started” box will be removed and for now the message boxes in the top right corner are moved a bit down to prevent overlapping the buttons in the top right corner.

It is also possible that we will redesign the mesaage boxes in the future and replace them with a designated area for messages.

Thanks for your feedback which helped us improve the usability of DATAGERRY :slight_smile:

BR Adnan