DATAGERRY 1.4.3 released

Today, we released version 1.4.3, which fixes some bugs especially in the file exporter (thanks @marcinw for reporting) and also a wrong action triggered by the cancel button on the object edit page (thanks @gaweng for reporting this), beside some smaller issues. Thanks for reporting all that issues and - as always - you are welcome to open a topic in the Report a Bug/Enhancement category. See a full changelog below:


  • [NET-717] - Remove the action buttons for root element in file manager
  • [NET-720] - Object Edit page: object would be saved when clicking on the cancel button
  • [NET-728] - Data not refreshed when switching between object view pages
  • [NET-732] - Field mapping in xlsx file export not correct
  • [NET-733] - File Exporter does not honor type definition