DATAGERRY 1.4.2 released

Today we released DATAGERRY 1.4.2, a small bugfix release, which fixes an error when changing user accounts (thanks @kbetsis for reporting that issue) and also some smaller bugs like error output when using the new media library (thanks @marcinw for reporting that). We also decided to switch the new feedback form with the profile button in the menubar as some of you asked kindly :slight_smile: As always thanks a lot for reporting all that issues and if you have new ideas or found any issues, you are welcome to open a topic in the Report a Bug/Enhancement category.


  • [NET-710] - Switch feedback and profile button in menu


  • [NET-704] - Searchbar loses entries when reloading the page
  • [NET-706] - Date display error in lists
  • [NET-711] - Error output when creating folder in media library
  • [NET-713] - Public ID missing in reference fields in object tables
  • [NET-714] - Changing a user is not possible under some conditions
  • [NET-715] - Type update fails, if no category is set.