Datagerry 1.7.1

DATAGERRY - Version 1.7.1


NET-1120 Can't save changes in type of object in version 1.6.6

NET-1103 References to deleted objects

NET-1100 Bulk Change chang all fields instead of one

NET-1099 Exportd Rights evaluation

NET-1090 Field was not found inside input_type

NET-1079 Summary in the search shows None for some objects.

NET-1065 Default values are not set

NET-1064 Reference section fields are not resolved during bulk change

NET-1063 Reference section fields are not resolved in the DOC api

NET-1061 Type generator: Predefined options are not loaded

NET-1060 Crash after change type without cleanup

NET-1057 Crash when adding 2 reference types


NET-1077 References ref-section-field to ref-section-field

NET-1019 Update y18n from 4.0.0 to 4.0.1

NET-1018 Update ngx-filesaver from 8.1.0 to 11.0.0

NET-1016 Documentation: Rest API - object routes

NET-1014 Admin Guide: Framework Object ( Exporter CSV etc. as RAW)

NET-940 Filter for Reference by Tab

NET-528 Autofilter for object tables


NET-1113 BUG: Multi reference filtering

NET-1110 Documentation

NET-1109 Clean-out

NET-1106 Extend table by search row

NET-1097 Customize DocAPi (Templates)

NET-1096 Customize Object table export (customer Export)

NET-1095 Customize Exportd

NET-1094 Frontend: Create display for 'ref-section-field' elements.

NET-1093 Adapting the data structure for CmdbRender objects

NET-1092 Preventing references to self

NET-1091 Backend: Limiting the levels

NET-1089 Customise Pytest

NET-1087 Adding Step 'Complete'

NET-1086 Error handling

NET-1084 REST API Test Update

NET-1083 Remove deprecated update functions

NET-1082 Add Update-Many-Function

NET-1081 Move update function to the new object manager

NET-1080 Extension of the update response

NET-1066 Load number of objects when opening the category points

NET-1059 Apply reference field label

NET-1058 Reference Input Searchable


NET-1098 Equality check Search term

NET-1074 Object not found Exception handling for bulkchange

NET-1068 Admin Guide: Object tables filter

NET-1067 Search for reference field values at the object list

NET-794 Update python crypto packages

NET-640 Migrate object endpoint to new REST API: Delete

NET-639 Migrate object endpoint to new REST API: Update