Feature request: yaml (or json) import to fill multiple types that depend on each other

Hello everybody,

Following use case:

It would be conceivable that a user or any program compiles or generates certain data as yaml or json. This yaml or json contains information that considers several types from DataGerry as a whole data set.
Now it would be fantastic if there would be the possibility to import this yaml or json into Datagerry via the Rest api (and via the gui in datagerry).
Then in the background the respective objects to the types would have to be created and if necessary referenced fields would have to be linked directly.

Rounding out this feature would be to also align the export via the Rest API (and via the gui in datagerry) to this.

Yaml example will be posted by me during the day.

What do you think about this? Do you have something like this already in planning?

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an extension of the documentation is planned for the next release (June 30, 2021 ).

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Hello @Jennifer,

to come back to your question. If I understood you correctly, you can do the following.

  1. import the types (JSON)
  2. import the objects (JSON, CSV)

The objects must match the schema of the type. (so as always :slight_smile: )

Important: When importing objects, you must observe the following sequence. Objects that are referenced must be imported first. (Here too, they must match the type or the type must already exist.

But you probably already do it this way…

Unfortunately, there is currently no export job for this and all steps must be carried out manually. The idea is good. We will include it in our backlog.

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Good morning @sergej.dumler

I have to admit that the exportd function is actually not relevant for our use case, even though it is a cool feature.

In our case, we are talking about a use case to cover environments like Kubernetes and container environments.

Kubernetes environments can consist of x clusters running pods with arbitrary applications. Usually these environments are defined with yaml files, so it would be easy to access these resources.

The goal is to transfer the configurations from Kubernetes to DataGerry.

The yaml file to be imported for DataGerry should contain all the necessary information relevant to importing a comprehensive object. For this, DataGerry needs to transfer the information from the Yaml file into the appropriate types as a new object. The corresponding references must be made automatically for this purpose.

If this feature can be realized via exportd, that would be great. Then I can actually use exportd for our needs :slight_smile:

Note: whether the data format is json or yaml is irrelevant here, because you can convert yaml files to json without problems.

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