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I should like to write a man page for /usr/bin/datagerry so that I can describe the options available.

Currently I have seen:

 -c       Configuration_file e.g /etc/datagerry/cmdb.conf
 -d       Run in debug mode
 -s       Fork and run as a daemon
 --test  Insert test data : Optionally DATAGERRY can be filled with fictitious test data. )
 --setup   Generate an empty database: This starts a startup routine. During the startup, the database structure is created and a query to the admin user is started. In addition, the asymmetric key pair is generated and stored in the database. Datagerry is terminated after successful setup, no matter which parameter is used to start it. Warning: If an already existing database is specified in the configuration, this database will be deleted! )

Have anybody got a complete list of the options?

Of note, the docs refer to --setup, but /usr/bin/datagerry does not recognise this option:

> usage: usage: DATAGERRY [options]
> DATAGERRY: error: unrecognized arguments: --setup

Source: 1. Setup a development system — DATAGERRY undefined documentation

Hi @sink1 ,
the documentation regarding the options will be updated to display the current state of DATAGERRY, thanks for this input.

BR Adnan

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