Datagerry --setup causes an error

–setup is a documented feature, but it throws an error.

 $ /usr/bin/datagerry -c /etc/datagerry/cmdb.conf --setup
usage: usage: DATAGERRY [options]
DATAGERRY: error: unrecognized arguments: --setup

these are the available arguments:

# /usr/bin/datagerry --help
usage: usage: DATAGERRY [options]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --keys                init keys
  -d, --debug           enable debug mode: DO NOT USE ON PRODUCTIVE SYSTEMS
  -s, --start           starting cmdb core system - enables services
                        optional path to config file



Why are --test and --setup not mentioned. These options are listed in the datagerry documentation. Insert test data (optional)

Optionally DATAGERRY can be filled with fictitious test data.
./datagerry --test Generate clean database

To generate an empty database, start the CMDB with the --setup parameter. This starts a startup routine. During the startup, the database structure is created and a query to the admin user is started. In addition, the asymmetric key pair is generated and stored in the database`

Hi @sink1 ,
the section of the documentation is depricated and will be updated, thanks for hinting this one out.

“–test” and “–setup” flags are not used anymore.

BR Adnan

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