How can I increase verbosity in Datagerry?


MY DG installation will not startup.

My question:
In which file and with which syntax can we define the log level*?* The only file I found was /etc/datagerry/cmbd.conf

The documentation states that:-

5. Logging

By default, each process will write the logs to one file as it is not safe, to write to a single logfile from multiple processes.

To add logs within the application, use the following code snippet:
import logging logger = logging.get
logger.error(“error message”)

To get a logger, use the logging.getLogger() function with the name of the current module as parameter. In the logging configuration, the output for the specific module or for parent packages can be defined.

5.1. Log Levels
The loglevel is configured in cmdb/ with the variable __MODE__. It can be overwritten by startup parameters. For the main process (handling the startup), INFO is the minimum loglevel. All other processes uses the defined loglevel in __MODE__.

Source: 5. Logging — DATAGERRY undefined documentation

Hi @sink1 ,
currently you can increase the log-level to debug by passing the “-d” flag when starting datagerry.

The stated section in documentation is about logging inside python code.

As the other sections of the documentation this section will also be improved in future releases.

BR Adnan

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