DATAGERRY 1.0.2 released

Today we released DATAGERRY 1.0.2. This release contains a fix we need for the migration of data from yourCMDB (I’ll get back to that topic in an own article the next days) and some fixes in the UI.

If you find new bugs or have great ideas about new features, please let us know by opening a topic in the Report a Bug/Enhancement category and we will get back to you soon.


  • [NET-257] - It is not possible to add an object with a specific public_id
  • [NET-258] - Object Links: adding/deleting a link does not refresh the view in the UI
  • [NET-259] - Object Links: adding a link to itself creates HTTP/400 in UI
  • [NET-260] - Dashboard: Dashcard Objects does not show the ordered by object count
  • [NET-261] - Problems with handling empty date fields in UI
  • [NET-262] - Adding a new user group in UI creates an error message
  • [NET-276] - Datepicker saves wrong date/timestamp