Empty referenced fields are filled without knowledge when new objects are created

Good morning dear community,

there is a bug that is relatively important to me right now. I hope very much that you can schedule this bugfix relatively short term. At least I would be very happy about it.

When creating objects, I noticed that reference fields are saved with the first entry whicht it founds. And this although “No reference set” is displayed in the referenced field when creating a new one. If I then go directly into the object, I see that these referenced fields, which were originally empty, are now filled.

It thus directly corrupts my new data.

I happened to notice this behavior as I am in the process of filling the CMDB with life piece by piece.

Please keep me informed about this.

Thanks a lot and best regards

i confirmed that in me is also these cases.
I also wrote about it Default value in object

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Hello @Jennifer and @marcinw,

Thank you both for the advice. We will include this in the next bugfix release.

Best regards

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Thank you very much, that sounds great! :slight_smile: