Default value for checkbox

“Checkbox” in type edit don’t have any field about value “default” but if some object type use this type of field when i create some object i see default button.
Is should it work that?

Similar is with Reference in type edit but there i have field about value “default” unfortunately when i try check drop-down list it don’t show any results (and I have in “service” type objects.)
I can show You how i see that :

Next case
I think that when I have not set the value in the “default” field, the button image when I create should not appear.

In version i still see button image if i don’t set default value/ checked
should it be like that?
Next with fields references:

  1. If i edit typfe of objects when i try set Default Valuei can’t get any object from type TEST2

    only after I unpin the object type TEST2 and reinsert it, the selection list appears

  2. I do not set in Default Value like on screen

    I go to add new object testowy and i see button image and see Default value which i do not set

Please check it too