Default value in object

When i creating objects in some references fields in which i don’t set default value i get objects.


in different object type:

next object type:
image - it was last created object in type “admin” when i set empty value for field “Administrator podstawowy”

when i set again empty default value and try create object i get in this references field
image which is now last created object in type “admin”

In next object type i get again that similar case for different object type so this not only for 2-3 object types but more globally.

In next object type is more weird case. I set default Person 1, when i try create new object default i get Person 2

This Person 2 was last created object in that referenced object type. When i created Person 3 i get when i try create new object in that field like a default value Person 3

Could You check these case?

Could You check it in your instances and fix if there are such cases?
i typed about this also in case

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