DATAGERRY 1.6.2 released

DATAGERRY - Version 1.6.2


NET-1065 Default values are not set

NET-1064 Reference section fields are not resolved during bulk change

NET-1063 Reference section fields are not resolved in the DOC api

NET-1062 Update blueprints for Object routes

NET-1061 Type generator: Predefined options are not loaded

NET-1060 Crash after change type without cleanup

NET-1057 Crash when adding 2 reference types

NET-1056 Error when copying objects with reference section fields

NET-1028 Empty referenced fields are filled with first object from object-list


NET-1016 Documentation: Rest API - object routes

NET-1014 Admin Guide: Framework Object ( Exporter CSV etc. as RAW)

NET-940 Filter for Reference by Tab


NET-1068 Admin Guide: Object tables filter

NET-1067 Search for reference field values at the object list

NET-1054 Making Section Reference Input Searchable

NET-468 Object counter in category sidebar