ACL for specific objects


as we are approaching a working test status with Datagerry (system is set up and connected to different other endpoints like active directory for users, Zabbix for user / password updates on assets etc.) we tried to get ACL for specific objects working. The ACLs for object types is working as intended, but we are missing an important option for our daily work: The possibility to set access restrictions for specific objects (e.g. all objects referenced to a specific customer). As we have some special accounts which are only serviced by a few people in our team, we have an access level defined in our current CMDB-like system only for entries regarding these customers. This is currently not available in Datagerry (if I´m not too dumb to find the option). Is there a chance to implement such a feature in the future? This would spare us the time to create special object types for each “special” customer we encounter.

Possible ACL structure:

Object type: SERVER
ACL for object type: Group 1: allow, Group 2: no access Group 3: allow
ACL for object SERVER.customer1: Group1: allow, Group 2: no access. Group 3: no access

effective rights on object server.customer1: Group 1: allow, Group 2: no access, Group 3: no access

Thank you in advance