Rest api - objects of specific type

Alo everybody!
first of all, i’ve been using datagerry for some days now in an evaluation purpose and i find it pretty useful, thx for it!!

OTOH, m currently working on a basic script that matches what datagerry contains with the resource listing from AWS and warns if a mismatch is found and im trying to get the list of objects of a specific type through the rest api (datagerry version 2.0),

i but the url i’ve read in another topic does not seem to work (404, the place of the blind squirrel :smiley: )

(tried will all combinations of object/type, objects/type, objects/types, objects/type,…)

is there any way to get this list?


i can reply to myself, as @kent got the right answer in another post

which in my python script translates to

resp =, headers=CMDB_LOGIN_HEADERS,  json=CMDB_LOGIN_DATA)
token = resp.json()['token']
auth_header = {"Authorization": f"Bearer {token}"}
myfilter = {'type_id': 1}
params = { 
        "filter": json.dumps(myfilter)
resp = requests.get(CMDB_VPCS_URL, headers=auth_header, params=params)