Right "base.framework.object.edit", file manager (explorer) and attachments

Hello everybody,

is there any possibility that you can disable the “File Manager (Explorer)” in the future or already?

As I currently see it, the display of this menu item is related to the “base.framework.object.edit” permission. Unfortunately, there is no textual reference to the “File manager (explorer)” on page “rights management”.

What I would like is to be able to hide this menu item as well as to not have the item “Attachments” displayed in the header in “Object View” anymore.

In addition, I noticed another error with “Attachments” in “Object View”:

  • I click on “new attachment” and upload a file.
  • I mark the file via the checkbox and click on “done”.
  • the count in the overlay “Attachments: Total x” is not updated
  • Even if the overlay closes and I am in the object view, the header still shows “Attachments: Total x”.
  • Only when I reload the page, the “Total x” is displayed with the correct value.

Hope you can help me here.

Thank you already!

Best regards