Question for Becon gmbh: Next Datagerry release in June 2024 date?

Hi Becon,

  1. Have you got a specific date for the next Datagerry release? Is it in June 2024?

  2. Where is the release for 2.0.0? I cannot find this in Index of /latest/rpm Can you make earlier releases available?

  3. I should like to install the development snapshot from GitHub - DATAGerry/DATAGerry: Enterprise-Grade OpenSource CMDB with flexible data model.

The RPM contains 1 x binary file and 1 x config file.

However, the development snapshot contains 2040 different files. Do you build a binary file from the development branch? How can I build this?

Many thanks.

Hi @sink1 ,

  1. We are planning the next release for June 2024 but there are still some things which need to be implemented/adapted for the next version.

  2. You can see all releases at the following Link:

  3. We are using the Makefile in the root directory to build all the different packages. It is not automated at the current state.

BR Adnan

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Hi Adnan,

  1. Good news about the release in June.

  2. Thank-you you so much for the link to the previous versions.

  3. Thanks. I worked it out last night. Just need to build it for an rpm.

Will this el8 version work also with el9?

The link you send is an el9 version, so i am not sure what your question is.

But from version 2.1.0 and forward we will require el9 to build the RPM packages.

BR Adnan

Typo error. I meant this:

We have not tested that but could probably work.

BR Adnan

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