DATAGERRY 2.2.0 released - doesn't have tar.gz

Hello @adnan.smajic ,
In announcement :

i don’t see share tar.gz with script
Could you publish also datagerry in this package, because for me it is the best format how i install/upgrade datagerry.

I remember you place new packages in this site
Will you no longer place packages here?

whereas when i try watched zip and download:

i saw only this:

Hi @marcinw ,
at the top right corner is a “Download” button (anyfile/ - becon/datagerry · packagecloud). You can download the file and then just unzip it. It will give you the same files as from the previous tar.gz-package.

The issue with package cloud is that it is not possible to upload tar.gz packages to it thats why we switched to zip.

BR Adnan

Ok, thanks
will you no longer be uploading files to this site:

The current plan is that Packagecloud will be the new place where we will deploy our upcoming packages.

BR Adnan

Ok good,
but in my opinion it would be good if the older versions was also on new page so that all versions are in one place

It works after reboot
but when i try use MDS with relations i try fill field the window not show nice:
hide under button close and add

We will have a look at that.

You can scroll down inside the popup to see everything as kind of a hotfix.

BR Adnan