Port 4000 is not listening

Hi all,

I’m trying the solution over a RHAL8 and I followed all the steps.
There have no errors installing it, but the port 4000 is not listening, so no possible to connect to it.

~]$ sudo netstat -anp | grep 4000

Testing over the server, also is no possible to access to it as no listening port 4000:

~]$ curl
curl: (7) Failed to connect to port 4000: Connection refused

and ports are allowed:

~]$ sudo firewall-cmd --list-ports
80/tcp 443/tcp 4000/tcp

Any way to force it?
Restarting the datagerry.service has no changes.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Mikel_DC ,
can you give us more informations about which OS you are using, which Version of DATAGERRY you are installing and which file you are using for the installation (like bin, docker, rpm etc.) ?

  • If you started DATAGERRY with the default config, you don’t need to use https, just use http.

  • Try localhost:4000 instead of

This are some quick ideas without having more input.

BR Adnan

Hi @adnan.smajic ,

As I said in the first message, I’m using a RHAL8.
I installed the Datagerry from RPM and the latest available version.

The main problem is that nothing is listening at the port 4000. I have restarted the processess and the host and there is no way to have it running.


Hi @Mikel_DC ,
to build the newest version of Datagerry we had to increase the version of glibc which is not supported by RHEL 8 systems. Can you try to switch your OS to a RHEL 9 version ?