New Version, how to handle it

If a new Version of DATAGERRY is released, what do we need to do to update our default docker-based installation? Without loosing data, for sure.

Hi @J.Limmer,

just pull the new version of the DATAGERRY Docker image, if you use the latest tag in your docker-compose.yml or switch to tag 1.1.0. and restart the container. On the first start of the new version, an existing database will be migrated automatically to the new version.

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Thanks. To be fair I don’t really know docker. So I tried running docker pull nethinks/datagerry which didn’t change anything so I read a little bit about it and came up with a working procedure.

To help other docker-noobs I will share what I did:

  • Navigating to the folder where the docker-compose.yml had been saved
  • Running docker-compose pull
  • After successfully pulling the new image I ran docker-compose up -d
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Thanks for sharing. We should improve our documentation with a better description of an update process.