Migration of yourCMDB -> DATAGERRY

If you used yourCMDB before, there is now a way to migrate your data to DATAGERRY.


We decided to integrate a migration tool in yourCMDB itself, as this was the best way to interpret all of the old XML configuration files. The tool was integrated in yourCMDB version 0.15. So, you need to update to this version to use the migration tool. The migration tool will connect to the DATAGERRY RestAPI and create categories, object types, objects, objects links and export jobs. At the moment, we do not support the migration of object logs. The migrator supports DATAGERRY versions 1.0.2 to 1.2.3. For a migration to a higher DATAGERRY version, just migrate to version 1.2.3 and update your DATAGERRY setup after that. The setup of DATAGERRY should be empty for migration, which means, no categories, types or objects are created in DATAGERRY (just a plain setup with some user accounts).

migration checklist

  • yourCMDB version 0.15+
  • DATAGERRY version 1.0.2 to 1.2.3
  • empty setup of DATAGERRY
  • access to the DATAGERRY RestAPI from your yourCMDB setup

start the migration

The migration tool is a CLI tool, so open a connection to the yourCMDB box via SSH and execute the yourcmdb-dir/scripts/migrator.php script. You will be asked for the DATAGERRY REST URL and the credentials of an admin user:
Migration yourCMDB -> DATAGERRY...

please enter connection data of your DATAGERRY setup
DG REST URL <e.g.>:
DG admin user <e.g. admin>: admin
DG admin password <e.g. admin>: admin
run migration
 - create object type catgories...
 - create object types...
 - create references in type definitions...
 - create objects...
 - create object links...
 - create exportd jobs...

Just sit back and relax - depending on the size of your setup, the migration will need a few seconds or minutes.

your feedback

Please let me know your thoughts about the migration tool. Does it work for you?