DocAPI: rendering of location info

Hello and all the best for 2024!

I found a issue where rendering of location info does not work correctly.
The template content (filled via the “CMDB Data”-selector) is:

HW: {{fields['text-90668']}}
Type: {{fields['select-59001']}}
SVC-Tag: {{fields['text-16820']}}
Location Rack: {{fields['dg_location']}} HE: {{fields['select-41578']}}

The rendered PDF looks like:

HW: latitude-sc
Type: Hypervisor
SVC-Tag: DSVC1234
Location Rack: {'id': 6, 'fields': {'select-11913': 'auditd', 'select-69352': 'no', 'select-28782': 'stopped'}} HE: AC

The data displayed with id=6 comes from another types object definition which is not related to this object.

This instance is a RPM based installation of V2.0 on a CentOS Stream 8 VM under VirtualBox. Please let me know if you need more info like type definitions or so.
Kind regards, Michael

Hi @MiB ,
thanks for the info, we will have a look at this bug.

BR Adnan