Cannot assign location info to objects


I noticed a strange behavior with a new DG2 instance.
After the import of working type definitions including location info from another instance, i cannot assign any location data to new objects in that instance. Being able to assign location info to hw-assets is essential to this usecase, but there is no “root”-location, and i don’t see how to create it?
Please let me know if you need more info for analysis (due to size limits i cannot add the type definitions here).

Thanks in advance and kind regards.

Hi @MiB ,
we are aware of the issue that in some cases the root location is not automatically created in the database. The issue has been fixed and will be part of the next version which will be deployed very soon.

As for now you can add the root location manually:

Go in your MongoDB to the collection “cmdb.framework.locations” and add this root location data to it

“type_icon”:“fas fa-globe”,

BR Adnan

Hi Adnan,

thanks a lot for your quick response!
The workaround works for me with the following tiny adaption:

“type_selectable”:True needs to be:
“type_selectable”:true to be valid json

Got the error:
Failed: error processing document #1: invalid character ‘r’ in literal Timestamp (expecting ‘i’)

Again, thanks for your great work!