DocAPI name of file which print to PDF

Hi Community,
Does anyone know if there is a possibility and how to do it cuz in name of file see name object?
I have static name template and when i print object to pdf i got file template.pdf.
Anyone know how to it cuz except for the word in name of file template got name of object which i print
something like this

i have object type dog with name Pluto and i want print information from DocAPI to PDF with its name tamplate_pluto.pdf but not name tamplate.pdf
and i have in the same object type dog name Miki and i want print to file with its name like this template_miki.pdf

Currently always i get name of file when i print like this
but i want that with an auto-generated entry in the filename for whatever field it wants:
it is possible?
or how to add date in a non-standard format to the filename?

Hi @marcinw,

at the moment, the filename of DocAPI documents is generated by the template name, that is configured.
In the following example, the template name is “service-sheet-opennms”, so the filename would be “service-sheet-opennms.pdf”
As we made a first release of the DocAPI the last month, there is room for improvements in the next versions, so you are welcome to share your ideas.

Hi @mbatz,
Ofcourse it is good idea so i think that will could be exists some checkbox or list in which you decide with some parameter will be create name of file date or i think that is no necessary both of these options at once.

  1. When you choose name it should create with name of template

in my example:

  1. or date i think that should be choose one from format date also:
  • “%F_%H%M”
  • “%Y%m%d_%H%M”
  • “%Y%m%d”
  • “%F”
  • or some other format

Maybe someone needs other format so maybe it should be individually declared by the administrator not only from a choose list?

and example could see like this:

  • template_2020-09-03_0644.pdf
  • template_20200903_0644.pdf
  • template_20200903.pdf
  • template_2020-09-03.pdf

This is my first suggestion :slight_smile:

Second suggestion @mbatz:
When I created a PDF with DocAPI, I can’t see Polish diacritic
I see text like this:
but it should be:

Can you think about improving the display of names in the next release in multiple languages with individual diacritics?