Adding multiple items to object

I have made a Object with the Informations for any server i have.
The Servers are Webservers. So i have a List of all my Webservers.

How can i add a List of the hosted Urls to any server?
How to define the Server-Object to achive that?

Every server should have a List of hosted URL’s in the record like that:

Type URL Description

FrontEnd htt_:// FrontEnd for UserA
BackEnd htt_:// BackEnd für Adminstrators
Administration htt_:// ConfigPage für SysAdmins
FrontEnd htt_:// FrontEnd for UserX
FrontEnd htt_:// FrontEnd for UserZ
BackEnd htt_:// BackEnd für Adminstrators

The List will be different on any Server and depends on the installtion.

Can someone help my to get this to work?

Hello @MR_GamBit,

we are working on a concept for assigning multiple entries of a set of attributes to an object, but it will not be part of the next release.
With the current version I see three ways to store the information of the hosted URLs:

  1. Create an object type “Hosted URL” with the needed attributes (name, URL, description, …) and add a reference to the corresponding server object
  2. If a server can only have a small set of hosted URLs (let say up to ten), the attributes for ten attributes can be defined (e.g. name1, url1, description1, name2, url2,description2, …)
  3. Store all information in one big textarea on a server

The best solution depends on your needs, but I would prefere the first solution.