Basic types - links

Sometimes I need to have clickable links, for example external websites (producer support)
maybe you could think in the future that the software would recognize when a link is entered in the text box and then be clickable
or eg there could be a specific “basic” pool to create “link” when the type is created and then you could just enter the link address https: // … and it would be clickable.
and that it could be placed in the form of hyperlink example:
like in html
‘datagerry’ ->
What do you think?

Hi @marcinw,

have you seen our External Link feature for object types yet? In the type definition, there is a section “External Links”, where you can define multiple links per object type and use the content of fields in URLs. Just have a look at the following screenshot:

There is a definition of a SSH link, with URL ssh://{}. The brackets {} will be replaced with the content of the field “Management IP” in the above example and the link will be shown on the object view page.

Does it fit your needs?

Hi @mbatz,
I meaned that in Basic Controls

could be exists next field type like link such that when you enter the url link, you will be able to go to an external page (clickable not only to be copied and pasted into the browser)
e.g. you need to create a service object type
and, for example, in it you would like a name, some phone number and additionally a link through which you report any failures.
other case:
linking to the documentation on the website

in your case you have to use ip from some field which you fill data in datagerry from object type
and if you wrote to external links some link example. (and you don’t want use data from datagery) you will have link to google in every objects.
but i need for one object one or more link for other object different links