Sections in the API?

We recently found datagarry and wanted to transfer the current Excel based asset management to DataGarry.

Simplified, the Excel has a hostname and several repeated fields with network interface data. For the simplification of this question we assume it is just an IPv4 in CIDR notation.

So I have:

  • Section generic
    • Text hostname
  • Section interface-1
    • Text ipv4-address
  • Section interface-2
    • Text ipv4-interface

The expectation has been that we will be able to iterate over the individual sections in the API, instead we got a flat list with values for hostname, ipv4-address, and ipv4-address.

Even worse, the name of a field is not even checked for uniqueness within the same section.

As also list fields are not supported, the only workaround I currently see is to define the fields with a section prefix.

Or is there any other proposed way to properly get the data by section?

PS: If there is not, please consider this a feature request and my vote for list fields.

PPS: We considered also another Object/Type for the interfaces and many reference fields, though as there also seems to be no way for restricting references to be only 1:1, we discarded this as well. In the dropdown there always appeared interfaces that have already been referenced by another host.