REST API: up to date? new routes? more explained examples?

Hello everybody,

I would very much like to use your REST API, but I notice that it is not usable as it is currently documented ( REST — DATAGERRY 1.5.3 documentation ).


  • I am missing a route to create a JSON web token to authenticate to the system.
  • Under “Frameworks” I would also expect a route for creating objects, e.g. to be able to automatically create objects in DataGerry via the Rest Api. A route for reading out would also make sense, because you might want to check via a script whether a certain entry already exists. Currently, the documentation only contains routes for “Categories” and “Types”.
  • The examples for the Rest Api are incomplete, see example Requests. It is not clear to me which data I actually have to send in a certain syntax.

What is the status of this and what do you have planned for the Rest Api in the future?

Many thanks in advance!

Best regards