Is project abandoned


There is no activity in issue tracker and github repo.
Is this project abandoned?

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Hallo m.

This Project is about to be reorganized. In a couple of days you will get news.

Future will be bright for DATAGERRY.

Regards, Uwe

Evaluated datagerry for half a day, noticed some rough edges and went to chek how the development is going. Got also the impression that project is abandoned. Pity, it looked very promising.

Any date when “in couple more days” will happen?

Sorry for being snarky. I really liked implementation and idea. Hope this project will get future development.

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@uwe any good news about project?

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a couple of days went by… can you tell us how the future of DATAGERRY will look like?
it’s a candidate on our eval-shortlist, but we can not saddle a dead horse :confused:.