Application logs

Hello @mbatz ,
I think that application logs like:

  • exportd.log
  • MainProcess.log
  • webapp.log
  • webserver.access.log
  • webserver.error.log

should be exists in another lacation not like /tmp_…/logs.
I think that such settings could be configured in the cmdb.conf file. By default, it can be as it is now, i.e. in the /tmp/_…/logs/ path, and e.g… If someone would like to set a different path for saving logs, they could do so by changing the configuration file cmdb.conf by changing the path to e.g. / var / log / datagerry / (previously creating a directory there and giving appropriate permissions) and saving logs there same files as existing ones.

The second issue regarding logs is that logs from the application’s work should in my opinion should never be deleted. At this moment, the logs are always deleted after the application is stopped and the directory is psty, and new ones are created after starting the application in a different location /tmp/_…/logs