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  1. First case log numbering


i write about what i saw in logs in object.
I have object which i change many times and now its number is alitle bit atypical.
The log counter has reset or does not show the correct numbering
Now i have version image
i show you in a form table because picture will be too big

Table with detailed information about the object version
Show 25 entries
Date Log ID Action Author Version Links
05.13.2020 06:42:48 784 EDIT avatar MArcin 1.0.0 View
05.07.2020 09:57:13 700 EDIT avatar MArcin 2.1.9 View
05.07.2020 09:56:33 699 EDIT avatar MArcin 2.1.8 View
04.09.2020 06:53:58 294 EDIT avatar MArcin 2.1.7 View
04.09.2020 06:52:37 292 EDIT avatar MArcin 2.1.6 View
04.09.2020 06:49:01 291 EDIT avatar MArcin 2.1.5 View
04.09.2020 06:43:16 290 EDIT avatar MArcin 2.1.4 View
04.09.2020 06:41:04 288 EDIT avatar MArcin 2.1.3 View
04.09.2020 06:38:47 287 EDIT avatar MArcin 2.1.2 View
04.09.2020 06:37:44 286 EDIT avatar MArcin 2.1.1 View
04.09.2020 06:34:39 285 EDIT avatar MArcin 2.0.1 View
03.25.2020 07:15:12 133 EDIT avatar MArcin 2.0.0 View
03.20.2020 13:19:48 66 EDIT avatar MArcin 1.0.0 View
03.17.2020 14:55:44 5 CREATE avatar Rem 1.0.0 View

The case is that see:
3 times version 1.0.0
from version 2.1.9 changed to version 1.0.0
i can’t compare from this place current with older


  1. Second case false information in a particular log

As you see:
in this log id 784 i change:

not very relevant information

start date from date 17/03/2020 changed to null
end date from date 13/08/2020 changed to 02/03/2020

company from empty change to 13/08/2020 - but it is impossible be done (this field is references field) and this field is still empty (in version 1.0.0 and 1.0.1- current) -i added this field recently.

I have in this object 1 or 2 more similarly incorrect information so this is no

  1. Third case don’t see the version to compare

When i clicked view log in version 2.0.1 i can compare and could choose from those:
but i don’t see current version 1.0.1 my object

from list logs i don’t see too current version

no log for this object has been removed

Will it be improved in the near future?
The newest data in the facility cannot be compared with the older log yet. There is only the option of having one older with the older ones.