Problem search engine and related dependencies

Hello @mbatz
I would like to report problems with the search engine:

Often, after many attempts of subsequent attempts to search for an expression, the search engine hangs.
Ie you enter a value / expression and so several times in a row you try to find something without reloading the page and at some point comes to the situation that the text you enter is not found, the application as if it stopped and shows something completely different just clicking on one column (header ) objects causes results to appear.
Unfortunately, even then there is no certainty that it showed all the results that interest me. It happened that they showed too few or too many results.
Unfortunately I have no way to present it

You cannot search by text that is contained in the reference field (e.g. public id has: 118 and its summary has Service # 118 - Company 1 | Person | |)

When you enter the name of the object (which is a reference) it does not show you any result

When I tried to enter a public id into the search engine, it searches, but shows only other objects in the results that do not meet the conditions of the text in the search engine.

People who need to perform analyzes or even ordinary users need to search for values ​​stored in objects after ordinary text, no matter if the field that is presented by the object (summary of the object) is a reference or not and they must have results after normal text so I think that In this aspect, the search engine does not work

Entries marked in red (reference fields in the facility) should be searchable by the text that is visible there

As I wrote before, in one earlier topic search by date is also impossible.(this link)

Another thing is not being able to search for two expressions, e.g. one from one column and the other from another column to limit the number of results.
If you don’t have many objects, you can handle it, but if you already have a few thousand, then you have trouble finding something that interests you
I plan to look after the texts of these two columns

and when i wrote: clean ds and i get nothing:

This makes it difficult to work with the program

Just as I talked to many people from different people, this type of software should be more accessible for easy search of all information about objects from each level and for analysis.
Then the public id, which is only a digit in the program (it is useful in the backend) is not useful, and for them (frontend) the interesting value is the expressions contained in each field and the fact that a field is another object should also be treated as text. An important fact is what is written in the field and it must be translated by the program into text values, i.e. I think that the easiest way would be to make the program translate in the frontend what is in the first field of each object (most often the name is entered) or summary of the given object (even better option) for plain text.

Summary about object should be like a text:
Company 1 | Person TRd | +412 15 422 21 12 | persontrd@sdw.ds

It is interesting that I can select and copy this fragment, so in some way the program translates it into text just to use it
Company 1 | Person TRd | +412 15 422 21 12 | persontrd@sdw.ds

Further, if you need to extract a report from the list of objects from such a search, e.g. to xlsx in order to perform analyzes, they should be in the fields where there is currently a public id should be replaced e.g. with the name of such an object (the first field, usually the name is entered in such field), or better option: Summary of a given object in the form of text.

Maybe there should be 2 types of exports:

  1. one with public id to be able to import later corrected data to the program (for backend)
  2. one with values ​​and expressions for people doing data-based analysis.
    It is important that this was not his number in the program, and the said Summary of the object, because in such a situation numbers from the program do not give him anything.
    In its current form, to make a report you need to do several exports of different types of objects to map them and substitute their names instead of public ids for the specific report you want to get.
    And if there is a lot of reference fields in such an object, it is already a lot of work to comprehend it, and if it is to devote so much time, it will cease to want to do it.

Or maybe you need to create a custom report where you choose, fields and form (id / text) in which you want to receive them

In version 1.2.2 nothing changed and can’t search by date field

In new version (1.5.0) still can’t search for field phrase in which relate to other object
Could You check it?

see: Duplicate information in the program - #8 by mheumueller

Hi @anon3483405
I saw your respond, thanks for information and i will be waiting impatiently for new information on these threads.