Object fields in the list of objects

I want to ask. What happened with with the order of the fields in the list of objects?
i add new field in object type and put it in the right place in the facility:

Second field
example view from object

in this place is ok but.
if i want to see this field in list of objects i I see it as the last available field

but it should after “Task to do” and before “Completed” field.

What happened with dynamic view in list of objects? Why new field is last and not like i choosed (second position in type of object) between fields “Task to do” and “Completed”?

Previously, this worked correctly and the order was consistent with the order of the fields in the object


we’ll include that as an improvement.

LINK: [NET-1102] Sort order of columns - Jira

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Thank You for taking up the topic